Using our Website Tools, you can quickly build up your site’s reputation straight from the Control Panel. With the Sitemap Generator you will get a detailed sitemap for your website within a few minutes. You are able to publish the sitemap to major search engines to ensure that they could index your web site as quickly as possible. Also, via the RSS News syndication tool, you can add frequently updated content on your site, which is a guarantee for better ranking positions with the major search engines. Our GeoIP re–direction application will help you to redirect customers from a certain place to a certain language variation of your site for more precise targeting outcomes.

A Sitemap Generator

For faster bot listing

A sitemap is known as a listing of the pages within a website that can be used by robots and users. You can use a sitemap to tell major search engines exactly which web pages of the site you’ll want to be scanned. Additionally, a sitemap can help your visitors find their way within your web site. You’d usually use a third party sitemap software to have a sitemap for your web site. Nevertheless, with Quality Discount Hosting, you’ll get a sitemap tool by default set up in your Quality Discount Hosting Control Panel.

In the Advanced Instruments section, simply click on Sitemap Generator and after picking out the file extension of your sitemap, click on the Crawl key. The sitemap of your website will be generated within a few minutes and you will be ready to submit it to the search engines.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Hassle–free location–driven redirection

We supply a quick tool, which will help you sort the visitors to your website based on their country. For example, using the GeoIP redirection tool, you can quickly send all of the site visitors from Spain to the Spanish version of your site if you have such. This will help you focus on your users a lot more accurately and provide them with the online experience they anticipate.

No particular skills or technical expertise are required to work with the GeoIP re–direction instrument, and you no longer need to use .htaccess files to do the job.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Showcase the most up–to–date headlines within your web site

In the Quality Discount Hosting Control Panel, we’ve included an instrument, which allows you to add publications from the most well–known information channels on this planet in your sites, with just a click. Our News Syndication tool functions automatically and doesn’t call for any additional setup work on your end,

The RSS News Syndication module is simple to customize in terms of HTML and CSS. You can easily change the amount of publication pieces that are going to be presented, the way they will look like, precisely how they will be arranged, etc.

RSS News